Weight Loss

Using the world acclaimed Sheila Granger, UK, technique
The most common cause of being overweight relates to the individual’s attitude to food. For some it can be challenging to lose weight and over time they have developed unhealthy eating habits, whilst others carry over conditioning laid down in childhood and throughout life. Maybe you eat to feel better or reward yourself, or possibly because you are just plain bored or anxious – even our celebrations and social activities revolve around food! Is it any wonder that this combination with a possible addition of a sedentary lifestyle will result in weight issues.
Your approach to food and eating is the most important means of losing weight. It is well known that diets leave us feeling deprived, miserable and hungry. And even if we do well to reach a goal, the weight inevitably returns over time.

The Virtual Gastric Band is a weight loss program pioneered by Sheila Granger in the UK. It is not a diet but a method that changes the way you think about food leading to the weight loss you desire. I am one of the few Hypnotherapists in Melbourne offering the Sheila Granger world famous Virtual Gastric Band Program. I have been personally trained by Sheila Granger herself. I am now pleased to be able to offer this program to clients.

Trials in the UK have been extremely successful. In the first trial 24 of the 25 participants successfully lost weight with a combined weight loss of 88.9kg in 3 weeks, only one participant did not lose weight.

Conducted over 4 weeks, each of the 4 sessions is tailored to the individual client.
The average weight loss experienced with Virtual Gastric Band therapy is 1- 2kg in the first week and 0.5 - 1kg in subsequent weeks. This is achieved without dieting and without any feelings of loss or deprivation.
Using a combination of hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and cognitive behavioural therapy, your eating habits change and you lose weight permanently and naturally.