Stop Smoking

  • Are you done with spending hundreds of dollars on cigarettes?
  • Are you fed up with feeling out of control, and cigarettes controlling you?
  • Are you tired of feeling sick and worrying about your health and the risks of lung cancer and other deadly smoking related illnesses?
  • Are you sick of all the excuses you make to yourself about needing to smoke?
  • Is it time to STOP?
So why canít you just stop? In reality it is fear that keeps smokers hooked.
Fear that you wonít be able to handle the stresses in your life.
Fear that you will fail and never be free.
Fear of life without cigarettes.
Ask yourself, "What if"? What would life be like, free from these fears?

Can hypnotherapy make you quit if you donít want to? 
Unfortunately, NO. You must be prepared to throw cigarettes out. You must really want to quit for your own reasons and not because someone else says so or because you think you should. If you are ready to quit then I can help you do this.