Conflict Management Coaching

Interpersonal conflict is present and inevitable in both our personal and professional lives. The way people handle conflict varies considerably, and with varying results. Some people avoid it altogether whilst others handle it with results that are not beneficial for either party resulting in disharmony and stress in the workplace or at home.
My approach is to assist the individual to better manage interpersonal conflict and disputes. I also help individuals gain confidence to engage effectively with conflict. I combine executive coaching and conflict management principles which includes goal setting and future pacing.
Conflict management coaching can be used to assist individuals from all walks of life, either in their personal life or work environment to:
  • Improve the way to engage in conflict
  • Help manage a dispute before it escalates
  • Resolve a dispute that has already occurred 
  • Prepare to handle a conversation or situation that is anticipated to be contentious.
Conflict coaching is a specialised one-on-one process that integrates executive coaching, conflict management and neuroscience principles. I follow the CINERGY® model which is a dynamic seven stage process that has been specifically designed to help people improve their individual skills and abilities.
I encourage organisations to consider using this service as a proactive method to reduce disharmony in the workplace.